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8 Reasons Why You Need To Buy a Dash Cam and Install It in Your Car

The dash cam is a dashboard camera which you can mount on the dashboard of your car to record your front view through your windshield. You can also install a second dash cam to record your rear view of your car.

The purpose of the dash cam is to record images, sounds and every other detail that take place both on the road and inside the car. This affordable small investment can literally save you a lot of money, time and troubles in the long run.

Let’s discuss the 8 reasons you need to consider installing a dash cam in your vehicle.

1. You can record first-hand evidence of car accidents

Some people say that they are experienced drivers and don’t get into car accidents ever. Well, while that statement may be true, you cannot guarantee that for other drivers on the road.

Suppose you were involved in a car accident and you believed that you didn’t cause the accident. The other parties wanted to bring a lawsuit against you aggressively. This thing often happens as guilty and ruthless drivers always try to put the blame on their victims.

The only thing that can save you in this case is your dash cam. The raw footage can exonerate you in the litigation, hold the other parties accountable, and save you thousands of dollars in the legal action.

2. You can prevent auto insurance frauds and scams

There are a lot of fraudsters and scammers out there who will try every scheming approach and take every opportunity to deceive and scam innocent victims. This type of person has no compassion for others and financial gain is their only main goal in life.

Auto insurance frauds, extortions and hospitalization demands can take a huge toll on honest and innocent car drivers. The fraudsters can purposely cause car accidents and then point their fingers at other parties on the road. They can also fake injuries in order to claim insurance money from their own insurance companies.

If you don’t have a dash cam, you will only let these fraudsters and scammers take advantage of you by claiming your auto insurance money and extorting money from you.

3. You can report undisciplined or reckless drivers

Nowadays, road rage is very common and you must have experienced it yourself at least once in your life. Some drivers are disrespectful, irresponsible, reckless and sometimes dangerous. Their annoying actions endanger other drivers on the road.

There’s a saying, “If you choose to do nothing, you become part of the problem.” Most of the US states have special programs dedicated to those who want to report bad drivers and make the United States roads a safer and better place for everybody.

If you want to report these bad drivers, you must have the proof. That’s when your dash cam comes in and captures every incident on the road. It will definitely deter some undesirable behaviors on the road.

4. You can prevent parking accidents

There are a lot of newbie drivers out there, especially when it comes to parking. You will have no clue how, when and where you get those scratches, dents and dings, if you don’t have a well-installed dash cam. The other burning question is who causes those parking accidents.

You can’t always be inside your car, so the dash cam is like your other pair of eyes that never sleep. One of the greatest benefits of having a dash cam is that most of them can be set to stay on throughout the entire day or night, without leaving the engine on.

5. You can thwart car break-ins, thefts, robbery and vandalism

Most thieves and robbers are smart and they know which car has a dash cam installed and which one not. Most crimes are committed when the affected property doesn’t have a security system or a deterrent to thieves and muggers.

If you are a taxi driver, an Uber/Lyft driver or a driving instructor, you’d better install a dash cam. You don’t know what will happen to your car or even yourself when you regularly have some strangers in your car. Even if your car is unfortunately broken into or vandalized, you can still show the police the recording while filing your report.

6. You can evade wrongfully issued tickets

People make mistakes and so do the police. They may wrongfully issue a ticket to you. If you believe you have been driving responsibly on the road but you don’t have a dash cam installed in your car, you can’t refute the liability in traffic court. There is nothing you can do but suck it up and pay the fine.

Install a dash cam in your car and stop paying for other people’s mistakes. Utilize the dash cam as if it’s your own surveillance or security camera. It will always come to your rescue when you face wrongful allegations.

7. You can monitor your child or other people who may drive your car

If you are worried that your child may drive your car without your knowledge or your permission, installing a dash cam will be the perfect solution for you. The dash cam will record the footage of your child driving your car and help him/her to behave on the road and become a better driver.

If you constantly lend your car to your relatives or friends, you want to keep a watchful eye on things that happen when they drive your car. Some of the modern dash cams come with built-in GPS devices so you can see the different routes they took and the different places they went to.

8. You can capture road trips and other unexpected phenomena

If you are the kind of person who loves road trips, a dash cam can turn your road trips into unforgettable journeys that you can watch over and over again with your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be nice to share the footage of the specific moments that capture your heart?

If you are an avid YouTube video watcher, you may already know that many car accidents and unexpected phenomena have been accidentally caught on camera. Most of these raw footages were not recorded on purpose. The most unprecedented, unexpected and exciting event caught on camera will garner you a lot of likes and views on YouTube and other online video platforms.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that a dash cam is a superb investment. It can be easily installed on the dashboard or the windshield of your car without breaking a sweat. It can definitely help you to save a lot of money, time and headaches in the long run.

There are many types of dash cams that you can explore on the market. You have front-facing and dual-facing dash cams, basic and high-end dash cams, inexpensive and expensive dash cams. Just choose the one that suits you best.